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High-Grade Aluminum Sleek Fences in Prince George

Superior Fencing Ltd. now offers SLEEKFENCE™ modern horizontal fencing in Prince Georgia. Sleek modern fences are made from high-grade aluminum to provide an exquisite addition to your property. Homeowners can easily install these fences as they are pre-assembled. If you’re unable to install it on your own, you can hire a contractor for the same. Take a break from contemporary fence styles and try these long-lasting sleek fences that require little to no maintenance!

Why Install Sleek Fences?

Apart from making your property look luxurious, sleek fences have a range of other long-term benefits. Some of them include - 

  • DIY friendly: sleek fences are pre-assembled and are easy to install by DIY enthusiasts. 
  • Zero maintenance: the only maintenance there is, is the cleaning and nothing else!
  • Lifetime longevity: high-grade aluminum sleek fences can withstand almost anything for a long time.
  • Certified design: sleek fences from SLEEKFENCE™ are certified by Premium Fence for their design and quality.

Another fantastic benefit of installing these fences is that you’ll never want to replace them! You can choose from a range of existing designs such as: 

  • Aluminum privacy fence panels 
  • Aluminum screen fence panels
  • Pedestrian and aluminum gates
  • Post kits 
  • And more!

Check out some of these installed sleek fences and decide for yourself. Give us a call to learn more!

Say No to Maintenance!

Most fences break down over time, but not high-grade aluminum sleek fences from SLEEKFENCE™!

Professional and Friendly

Great fence company. Iulie, Dwayne and team really went out of their way to put in my small fence and gate job. A lot of contractors in PG have pretty terrible service, particularly when it comes to tiny jobs, so it was really nice to work with an outfit that takes their customers seriously, especially when we are putting a lot of our money on the line.


- Bk Cros

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